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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

  • These terms and conditions guide users on how to access and use the services provided on the website.
    It is paramount to read and understand them before utilizing our services. By using this online platform, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned on this webpage.

  • We have defined the key terms used throughout the document. These definitions will help users understand information provided on this webpage.


  • Website refers to a collection of webpages available at and its subdomains, where you gain access to our services.

  • Customer/User/Client refers to a person or an entity registered at and has agreed to comply with these terms of service.

  • Service refers to writing tasks and tutoring works that may be requested by the customer.

  • Writer refers to a freelancer contracted or employed to offer writing and tutoring services to our customers.

  • Order refers to the service requested and paid electronically by the client or user. It entails the scope of work and the customer’s requirements regarding the order. A customer submits an order on by using an online form.

  • Account refers to a section of the website created after registering as one of the website’s users. This section is personalized using your contact information and password. The account page is not accessible to the members of the public.

  • Product refers to a digital document written and delivered based on the requirements of the client. We recommend clients to use our products for learning and reference purposes.

  • Terms and Conditions entail privacy statement, revision policy, and guarantees, including originality and satisfaction guarantee. Users are required to abide by these terms in order to start using the website.

Order Placement and Registration

  • An order is placed by filling in the order form provided on the "Order Now" page. When placing an order, you specify the scope of your work, set delivery terms, and provide the information about the parameters of your order.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the correct order information and requirements when filling in the order form. A customer is required to provide his or her contact information when signing up on the website. We use an email address and phone number to contact a customer and solve issues relating to his or her orders. You can update your contact information at any time or contact the support team if you are unable to change these parameters.

Order Payment and Discounts

  • When a customer places an order, it means that he or she has agreed to purchase a digital product from us. We start processing your order when you make the payment for the product you want us to create. The price of an order is calculated based on urgency, requirements, complexity, and the customer’s education level. We are responsible for the delivery of an order when the payment is authorized and made in full.You can use the payment methods on the website to pay for your order.

  • We have the right to sell our services at discounted prices to suit the needs of our customers and market our company. We are committed to ensuring that discount programs are available to each customer without exclusions. If a customer tells us to stop working on his or her order, we start processing a refund request immediately based on our money-back guarantee policy. It is worth understanding that the company cannot be held responsible for bank transfer charges, delays, or transfer irregularities.

Order Process

  • has the right to reexamine the details of your order to determine whether the customer has provided all the information needed to complete an order successfully. If any mismatch is found, we have the right to ask for more information from the customer or alter the order to meet the client’s requirements. We measure the volume of an order depending on the number of pages/words. A double-spaced one page is equivalent to 275 words, while a single-spaced one page equals to 550 words. If the client discovers that the document delivered has a word count/page mismatch, he or she may request us to revise the order.

  • The customer may change the order requirements only if we have not started working on the order. The customer cannot change the scope of work if the writer has started working on his or her order. If the customer asks us to increase the volume of the order or provides additional instructions, he or she will be requested to provide additional compensation for the additional requirements. The customer can specify the resources to be used to complete his or her order. The client can send specific materials to the author during the ordering process.

  • We highly recommend the customer to communicate with the author or contact the support department using our messaging system, live chat, or email. Communication enables clients to seek information and help, or address issues regarding their orders. The customer may use his or her personal account to monitor the progress of his or her order. He or she may contact the writer or the support team to receive updates on the status of his or her order.

Delivery of an Order

  • is responsible for the adherence to the client requirements and the delivery of the digital product to the customer.The client is held responsible for using an incorrect email address, the failure to provide effective communication channels, and other issues beyond our control. We encourage customers to provide a correct email address and contact the support team if they face any issues regarding order delivery. The customer is responsible for downloading his or her order on time following the delivery of the final product by the writer/company. If the company fails to deliver an order, the client has the right to request a refund.

  • Every customer has the right to request a revision if he or she is not satisfied with the document delivered to him or her. It is worth noting that we have the right to decline a revision request if the revision requirements contravene the initial order requirements. If such an issue occurs, we encourage a customer to make an additional payment for the requested amendments. If we note that the customer has the behavior to exploit the writer through unreasonable revision requests, we may limit the number of revision requests. The deadline for requesting a revision is limited to 2 weeks after the order delivery.

Money-Back Guarantee Policy

  • The company is responsible for delivering an order on time and in accordance with the instructions indicated on the order page. If we violate any of the customer’s commitments, a client reserves the right to request a full or partial refund. If a customer files a dispute, rejects an order, or requests us to cancel his or her order before product delivery, he or she is entitled to a full or partial refund if the product does not meet the order requirements.

  • We usually process refunds within 3-5 business days. We are not held responsible for bank transfer charges, delays, or other money transfer issues. It is worth understanding that we do not process refunds for approved orders. The deadline for requesting refunds is limited to 2 weeks after the delivery of an order.

Uses of Our products

  • does not encourage any form of plagiarism. We recommend our customers to utilize our products for non-commercial, learning, and reference purposes. When you pay for an order, you agree to use our products as learning and reference materials.

  • No customer is permitted to duplicate, distribute, or publish our products on the online platforms since the document is only intended for non-commercial uses.


  • When you placed an order or pay for a digital product, you should agree and understand that:

    • The company has the right to terminate any contract, agreement, or plan with a customer who uses any of our products as his or her original work. Besides, you agree that our products should not be passed or distributed to outsiders either in soft copy or hard copy. If you use our offering in a plagiarized manner, we have the right to cease conducting further business transactions with you.
    • We deliver our written materials to customers for research, learning, and/or reference purposes. does not support, encourage, or knowingly participates in any form of plagiarism or academic dishonesty.
    • We highly comply with all copyright rules and regulations, and we do not knowingly permit users to violate copyright or plagiarism policies.
    • When you sign up on, you agree that you will utilize our written materials as samples for conducting research or learning how to draft your own work. We highly discourage our customers from using our products as a substitute for their own work.
    • The company and its affiliates are not liable for the unethical, inappropriate, or improper use of our electronically-produced learning and reference materials. A client is held responsible for punishment or penalties resulting from unethical or wrongful use of our written materials.

Uses of Our products

  • does not encourage any form of plagiarism. We recommend our customers to utilize our products for non-commercial, learning, and reference purposes. When you pay for an order, you agree to use our products as learning and reference materials.

  • No customer is permitted to duplicate, distribute, or publish our products on the online platforms since the document is only intended for non-commercial uses.

Personal Data and Information Security

  • You are advised to read our privacy policies to learn how we gather, use, and store your personal information. During the registration process, we ask a new user to write his or her name, email address, username, and set a password. You should not disclose your password and email address to anyone in order to keep your personal data and account secure. A client is held responsible for the actions and tasks associated with his or her personal account. If you suspect that another person has your login details, please visit your profile page to change your password or contact the support team.

  • The support team has the right to change your login details if we discover or suspect that someone else is using your personal account. If such an issue occurs, we will send you an email notification with new login details. If you lose or forget your password, kindly click on the "Forgot Password" link to reset your password securely.

Uses of the Website

  • You may log in into account to order for writing services and use our products for non-commercial activities. You are not allowed to use the website to conduct illegal activities, including the violation of laws, defamation, and creation of cybersecurity threats.

  • You should not use the website to transmit or disseminate materials that encourage criminal activities or the breach of laws. We reserve the right to terminate your account if you violate these terms and conditions. You will be liable for any costs or losses arising from the violation of our terms and conditions. You are not allowed to create, distribute, or store copyright-protected documents without the owner's permission.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

  • The terms of use can be modified at any time to suit our choices, customer needs and preferences, and the changes occurring in the modern world.

  • If you have any queries or issues regarding our Terms and Conditions, you may ping us via livechat or contact us page.