Why Many Countries Still Maintain Their Monarchies

Secret Behind Modern Monarchy's Survival

Many nations in the modern world try to retain their monarchies for various reasons. Although many countries have changed their systems of governments, some still employ their traditional ruling approaches. For example, Great Britain uses the idea of inheriting regimes despite being an outdated concept. The motives behind preserving such ruling systems are bringing people together and keeping cultures and traditions alive. 


The first reason why countries maintain monarchies is to bring people together. For instance, using the idea of inheriting rulings ensures that Commonwealth countries have strong relationships and are able to collaborate with each other (Higgins, 2016). Since religious allegiance is an integral part of a real kingdom, individuals in a nation are in a position to cooperate and have a sense of belonging. Besides, in the United Kingdom, retaining the ruling system is perceived as national pride (Easton, 2012). Therefore, having extraordinary people in a state unites the citizens of a country and shapes the structure of societies. 


Additionally, countries retain realms to preserve their cultures and traditions. The advantage of maintaining the hereditary monarch is ensuring the existence of the elements of people’s values and beliefs. For example, in Great Britain, monarchies mirror the national characters of British (Easton, 2012). However, it is hard to continue employing the ruling system because of distance and the changing political and social values. For instance, bureaucratic chaos and political attitudes have contributed to the decline of traditional empires. Therefore, maintaining monarchies creates a sense of identity, but democracies and complicated societies threaten the retention of such structures. 


Countries maintain their monarchies for many reasons. Using such ruling systems brings people together. The hereditary monarchs also facilitate the preservation of cultures and traditional values. To continue uniting societies, nations should retain their realms.


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