Physically disabled Toddler is struggling to access outdoor spaces and materials

  • The teachers should arrange equipment properly to create adequate spaces for children to maneuver around and access equipment by themselves.
  • All equipment and play areas should be within reach to help the students access them, learn, and play without difficulties.
  • The educators should watch all clutters, rocks, and unstable floorings that may trigger safety risks, prevent free movement, and promote space inaccessibility.

2-year-old Child Who is Learning Multiple Languages has Trouble Listening to Circle-Time Stories

  • Tutors should work with parents to support multilingual learners. Families can provide photos of items that are meaningful to each student. They can also label the visuals in different languages to help the teacher communicate with kids and make customized texts and posters.
  • Teachers can play multilingual music in the learning environment. Families can even provide their favorite songs to promote language learning and home-school connections.
  • Educators should craft visual communication boards to make it easier for students to express their concerns and thoughts.
  • Teachers may provide labels that represent the children’s languages. Such labels will facilitate learning if the educators and students use them.

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Preschool-Age Child with Autism Has Difficulty Transitioning From Playtime to Clean-Up Time

  • Placing markers on tables and chairs aids in directing the student.
  • Developing and posting a visual schedule of daily activities make it easier for students to understand day-to-day routines and transition between tasks.
  • Using visuals to accompany verbal directions helps autistic children understand spoken words.
  • Images showing steps for task completion allow students to do things independently and clean up smoothly.
  • Providing visuals that foster communication and decision-making enables kids to express their ideas and make choices, thus mitigating inappropriate behavior.

Preschool-Age Child with Speech Impairment Exhibits Difficulty in Social Situations and Play

  • Peers without disabilities can model communication skills and help the student interact and develop the desire to work and play with others.
  • The teacher should talk with the preschooler, sing, and encourage them to imitate their sounds and body language.

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