How to Write an Excellent Essay

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  • 7 months ago

How to Write an Excellent Essay

Essays and assignments can make you stressed and anxious. However, you need to work hard to become a professional essay writer regardless of your academic level. You can capitalize on the tips below to improve your writing skills and overcome academic-related stress.

Comprehend the Topic

A student should fully understand the essay question or topic before commencing the writing process. It is important to comprehend the topic, identify the needed research, and the time required to complete the essay. You should also try to determine ways in which the topic is related to your classwork.

Create an Outline

This process involves creating a plan showing the necessary features of an essay or research paper. An outline enables a student to write an essay with ease.

Craft a Thesis Statement

You need to write a thesis statement at the end of the introduction section to summarize the main points in your entire essay. Although a well-written thesis statement should be concise, it should contain all the main ideas you would like to address in your essay.

Write Good Paragraphs
An excellent paragraph contains three or more sentences. You need to start every paragraph with a topic sentence to indicate the main points of the paragraph. You should also include and cite contextual information and evidence to support your ideas. A good paragraph should end with a conclusion sentence to close the paragraph and ensure a transition to the next section.

Use Credible Sources

You should obtain your ideas and quotes from such credible sources as peer-reviewed articles, accredited books, journals, online magazines and newspapers, government websites, and scholarly search engines. You should avoid non-credible sources, including Wikipedia, blogs, open forums, and unverified databases.

Write a Conclusion Paragraph

A student should begin this section by rephrasing the thesis statement. An excellent conclusion summarizes the main arguments of your paper and ends with your final thought based on the content of your essay.

Proofread Your Essay

You should proofread your paper several times to ensure it is free from grammatical errors and plagiarism.